With the understanding of the importance of the youth stage, new generation is specifically targeted at helping young people at this very delicate stage of their lives. We look at a lot of things because the idea is to bring out a well rounded mature productive and responsible person who can now take on roles and responsibilities in society.

Young people are at a stage that is so hype and so presentation is as important if not more so as what is being talked about. We talk about a lot of things from destiny careers and business to relationship, and choice of life partner as well as nourishing the soul- what we call die daily.

It will be prudent to look the well-roundedness of the show by looking at the topical discussions for individual days-Monday to Friday.

On Monday we are unleashing people into their destiny. Whatever it is that you are doing, do it with all your might, and be the best at it because truth be taught God does not run out of resource so be a good steward of what is handed to you by God…we don’t want God to take away even that which he has given you now do me?? Everything we do we get back to God because that’s the only way we can get our purpose from.

Tuesdays we riot against a lot of things…homosexuality dressing name it..we riot as a way of sending information to the young people on the gravity of some of these things..we also die daily by looking at thing that are a little controversial but must-knows for the growth of any believer.

Wednesday we have relationships- hot issues; young people love to be ticked in their ears like that*literally* we look at everything from meeting to do and don’ts and how to handle relationships.. the right age for relationships and the purpose of dating* in the not so literal sense*.

Thursday we take artists on a roll finding out how deep they are rooted in the word* you can only give what you have and not what you don’t have*
Friday oh well after a long week we just want to relax and chill away. My personal favourite Holy Ghost party pretty much we get on the hype and just get young people engaged. For two hours every day this is a lucrative way to end your day as a young person make a date 18hours to 20hours every week day with Mthaz on New Gen.

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.