Lifestyle Profile
Lifestyle is an inspirational magazine programme aired on weekdays from 11hrs to 13hrs and comprises of various segments. The segments are sandwiched with soothing music and for jazz lovers; they get a chance to listen to the mellow music during lunch hour.

Each and every day brings new challenges therefore the program is aimed at reminding listeners that despite the challenges faced in life, God is still the anchor. The programme is also aimed at reaching out to people seeking to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

It targets people at work – could be in their offices, cafeterias, cars etc. as well as those at home for instance housewives, youths, including street vendors.

Mondays – How you start your day counts and how you start your week counts too! Therefore every Monday Lifestyle has a motivational 5 minute segment with various everyday life topics on how you can champion challenges that may come your way as well as help you be a Better You. In short this segment helps you to take charge of your week!

Tuesday – Everyone has some one they admire and look up to in life, but it is not every day that you get to have an inside look into their lives. A Moment with Chipo could just be an answer for such people as it brings your favourite and various personalities who get to share their unique stories.

Wednesdays – They say a problem shared is a problem solved. Life brings various challenges could be marital, career, financial etc. You have a platform to share your problems anonymously on Words of Wisdom where Aunty Joyce gives advice on how one can have healthy relationships be it in marriage, the widowed and also singles. She also gives advice on the managing of finances and career guidance.

Thursday – The saying goes “The greatest wealth is health.” Thursday’s edition of lifestyle gives you a chance to listen to various health tips from well vested individuals that will help you be a healthy you.

Friday – After a long week of hard work, pressure, stress etc, what one needs to spice up the weekend is a good movie! Lifestyle gives you an opportunity to win yourself a free movie ticket and you will get to select a movie of your choice at one of the best Movie houses. And of course for fashion lovers you get to hear various tips on Trendy Fashion only on Friday.

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?