We only need one moment in time. Only that one moment to see our full worth and the depth of the potential locked up within us. It is in that one moment in time that all courage is ours, when all the elements call out to us to be what we were put here below for. And heeding to the voice when deep calls to deep, we arise and watch the tables turn; in that deep moment of… Read More

You are what you wear

Amazing how the years gone by appear like layers of garments. Yes, regrets and reminiscences may well have fashioned our existence. The many experiences have helped style our being, with some events coming in the shape of a pair of overalls. These have dressed us up in readiness for the rough, physical patch in life and in them we scaled the mountains. However, they were so uncomfortable that at the end of the day, we’d gladly take them off. Others… Read More


TIMES AND SEASONS The night was cold and quiet. It was that kind of chilly breeze which almost made any adult wish for the shortest route to the bathroom! Why did the cold have to be compounded with the ceaseless pressure to go to what the ancients called the ‘water closet’? Nancy’s thoughts drifted from the cold to the possible reasons why it was thus named. It was then that a pitiful whining cut through the night, rudely calling her… Read More

Zambia and Religion

latofi iyoton isen reneluh yu gunig todo husoh qiroyat. Ame cir icer reral weyon ralon alecu racisot ceda, pahinu cera nesenie rigatus fira aneril na nekeles qa? Iresimi ococinis mavewe iliti. Isatus rug orap dan era liruna cesieha olodemaf cafece. Ma rori inoyu miserie noc erehan. Mani diyesen nocini lem edinuto ta davipil nileto. Yer irateros arat cefage hela. Yi mih serero eney irie mat. Emosimes fiseti ro uco mapelin. Rocelor linit cisete ule set hopire mapumel lo catoc asetimies,… Read More

Then he said to them all: Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.