Exchange Rates 04-10-16


Exchange Rates 04-10-16

04 October 2016 09:30 12:30 15:30 BANK NAME INTERBANK RATES RETAIL RATES INTERBANK RATES RETAIL RATES INTERBANK RATES RETAIL RATES BUY SELL BUY SELL BUY SELL BUY SELL BUY SELL BUY SELL ACCESS BANK ZAMBIA LIMITED 10.0000 10.0500 9.9550 10.1510 9.9600 9.9800 9.9550 10.1510 AFRICAN BANKING CORPORATION ZAMBIA LIMITED 9.9800 10.0000 9.9248 10.1253 9.9000 9.9500 9.8060 10.0041 BANK OF CHINA (ZAMBIA) LIMITED 9.9750 10.0250 9.9000 10.0950 9.8750 9.9250 9.8000 9.9950 BARCLAYS BANK ZAMBIA PLC 10.0000 10.0300 9.9545 10.1521 9.9000 9.9500… Read More


The LuSE All Share Index closed at 6,212.97 points down by 0.40% in comparison to the previous close of 6,237.78 points. Price movements were recorded in CEC-(K0.02) and ZAMBEEF-(K0.28). Trading activity was also recorded in SCZ, ZANACO and ZSUG. A total of 51,039 shares were traded in 8 trades resulting in a turnover of K89,033. The LuSE market cap today was recorded at: K65,879,000,000, including Shoprite and K31,640,000,000, excluding Shoprite. 23 Jan 2015 Currency Buying Selling US Dollar 6.3672 6.3872… Read More

BOZ Exchange Rates

   The LuSE All Share Index maintained the previous close of 6,121.26 points as no price movements were recorded. Trading was recorded in CEC, SCZ, ZANACO and MFIN. A total of 17,406 shares were traded in 11 trades resulting in a turnover of K29,109. The LuSE market cap today was recorded at : K66,306,000,000 ,including Shoprite and K32,067,000,000, excluding Shoprite.   BOZ Exchange Rates Currency Buying Selling US Dollar 6.5411 6.5611 GB Pound 9.8974 9.9316 Euro 7.7467 7.7710 Rand 0.5590… Read More

Atlas Mara’s BancABC Makes Management Changes After Takeover

Robert Diamond’s Atlas Mara Co-Nvest Ltd. (ATMA) said executive management at ABC Holdings Ltd. will depart at the end of this year to make way for a new team led by Simbarashe Ronald Pfende. Makhosi Boyede and Amelia Reynecke have been appointed as co-chief operating officers and Christine Bronkhorst chief financial officer, London-based Atlas Mara said in a statement today. Doug T. Munatsi, group chief executive officer, Beki Moyo, group chief financial officer and Francis M. Dzanya, group COO, will step down… Read More

The LuSE

The LuSE All Share Index closed at 6,137.63 points up by 0.07% compared to yesterday’s close of 6,133.57 points. A price movement was recorded in SCZ-K1.92. Trading activity was recorded in CEC, LAFARGE, ZCCM-IH and ZANACO. A total of 3,215,760 shares in 24 trades resulting in a turnover of K6,157,018. The LuSE market cap today was recorded at : K65,469, 000,000 including Shoprite and K31,230,000 ,000 excluding Shoprit. 03 Dec 2014 Currency Buying Selling US Dollar 6.3578 6.3778 GB Pound… Read More


Emerging stocks rose to three-week highs on Wednesday, buoyed by gains in China and expectations of a dovish U.S. Fed stance though the positive mood did not touchRussia where the rouble hit another record low. The Zambian kwacha was the other loser of the day, falling more than 2 percent after the death of President Michael Sata though it later pared losses on hopes that elections would bring in a more investor-friendly leader. The day’s main event is the Federal Reserve meeting that… Read More

LuSE All Share Index

The LuSE All Share Index closed at 6,210.19 points up by 0.03% from yeterdays close of 6,208 points .One price movement K0.20 was recorded in REIZ. Trading activity was also recorded in CEC, ATEL,LAFARGE,NATBREW,SCZ , ZAMBREW ,ZANACO and MFIN. A total of 86,005 shares in 21 trades resulting in a turnover of K367,719. The LuSE market cap today was recorded at : K65,743, 000,000 including Shoprite and K31,504,000 ,000 excluding Shoprite.     Bank of Zambia Exchange Rates Currency Buying… Read More


  The Kwacha traded in a tight range against the Dollar during  Thursday’s session and by close of market, the local currency was at K6.310 / 6.330 which was 0.47% (K0.03) better than the day’s opening rate. Demand for the greenback continues to outweigh  supply.   10 Oct 2014 Currency Buying Selling US Dollar 6.3014 6.3214 GB Pound 10.1006 10.1352 Euro 7.9581 7.9853 Rand 0.5655 0.5678  Average Overnight Interbank Interest Rates 10 Oct 2014 11.590 MONEY MARKET Commercial banks’ aggregate current account… Read More


ZAMBIA Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH) shareholders have approved payment of a K250 million dividend to Government. ZCCM-IH investor relations officer Joseph Lungu announced at a press briefing yesterday that the decision was made at the firm’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Lusaka. “Today, our shareholders approved payment of a final dividend of K1.56 per share which had been recommended by the directors,” Mr Lungu said. This is the first dividend that ZCCM-IH has paid since its transformation into an investment holding… Read More

A look behind the Kwacha Trading on the JSE

On October 3rd, 2014 the Kwacha, The Nigerian Naira, Kenyan Shilling and the Zambian Kwacha Friday made their début on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the largest and most liquid exchange in Africa. A move regarded as a Milestone by Government and the media alike. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion among Zambians about what this really means. So we answer some frequently asked questions behind this initiative and dispel some myths along the way. The Zambian Kwacha started trading on the JSE… Read More

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